The founder of the school Ioannis N. Kaloskamis (1928-1999) was born and raised in Pireaus. He started working in order to support himself at the age of 12 in several machine shops during the day, while attending Gymnasium and then Lyceum in the evening. His father was a priest and his involvement with the Orthodox church had a great influence on his approach to life in general and to education in particular. He studied Philology at the University of Athens and taught for two years in a public Gymnasium in the island of Chios. His dream to transfer knowledge and ethos to working students was realized in 1960 when he founded his own Evening Gymnasium-Lyceum in Keratsini, with 29 students during the first year. Having a deep understanding of the idiosyncrasy of working students, he became for thousands of students a beacon of knowledge and humanity. He published several books on the grammar of ancient Greek. His love for the Greek language was expressed in many articles in the daily newspapers “Kathimerini” and ‘To Vima”.