Evening Gymnasium-Lyceum

In the Greek education system the Gymnasium and Lyceum are the levels between primary education and University. The Evening 3-year Gymnasiums and 4-year Lyceums are structures of formal education for students aged 14 and upwards who work during the day and attend school starting at 7 pm. This type of school gives them a second chance to complete their secondary education and evolve intellectually, professionally and socially. The diplomas carry the same professional rights as those of the regular morning schools of formal education.

From its founding in 1960 until today several thousands of students have graduated from our school and have distinguished themselves in all areas. Today it has about a dozen teachers and a few hundred students, 2/3 of which are male and 1/3 female. About 2/3 of the students are adults mostly in their 20's and 30's.