Adding Support Skills for European Teachers (ASSET)

The program ASSET is funded from the Grundtvig-1 action for adult education of the European program SOCRATES. Its duration is 3 years starting from October 2003. The coordinator is John Perry from Lancaster & Morecambe College (Lancaster, UK) and the partner institutions are Universities, Colleges and Schools from Austria, Boulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece (Ekpaideftiria Kaloskami), Ireland and Sweden.

The goal of ASSET is to enhance the efficiency of adult educators by introducing the approach of student-centered learning. This led the ASSET group to create a tool-kit so that adult educators will be able to develop skills in 1) learner-centered methodologies, 2) learner support, 3) valuing diversity. The tool-kit describes these topics that are sub-divided further. The complete materials can be freely accessed on-line at